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... the importance of metadata


A BIT more or less - what is the actual essence of a
digital artwork and how to document it adequately?!:::

<>> .. The digital artwork within different layers ... >
based on OAIS [Open Archival Information System]
UNESCO guidelines for preservation of digital heritage
"The purpose of preservation is to maintain the ability to
present the essential elements of authentic digital materials."

The essential characteristics of the data object are describing
the structure, the content, the context, the appearance and
behaviour. The layers of existence are : the physical [bitstream,
e.g. the bits are stored on a floppy disc], the logical [hard - - -
and software platform, respectively the machine readable
digital informations], the conceptual [human readable and info].

aging in real time : exhibition at the academy of fine arts [xposit 2/15]

"Aging in Real Time" [altern in echtzeit] visualizes an ordered media mix
of a wide variety of playback and projection media and data carriers
(which are containing the information), starting from a digital source.
It questions the recipients' individual viewing habits, haptic perception,
and media awareness. This is contextualized as part of the problem of
the adequate documentation, i.e. conservation, of electronic works of art.
The title of the work makes reference to the intrinsic obsolescence of
these technologies and the subconcept of using the duration of the exhibition
to detect changes over an extended period of time. ..... .... >>>>>>